Remixing in Scratch

There are 11 million projects on the Scratch website! Some of them are really good. If you ever find a project you like, you can look inside to see how the author made it.

Once you’re inside, you can also change around the project and save it as a remix – adding your own ideas to the project.

One of my favourite Scratch games is Level 1 by Maki-Tak ( ). This is a platform game with one level. When you get to the end, a message comes up inviting you to create a remix where you add your own Level 2.

scratch 3.png

Lots of people have remixed the game. In fact, there are 86 different versions. Scratch can show you a remix tree of all the different versions.

The base of the tree is the original game. Each branch leads to a remix. For this game, you can see that some of the remixes have their own remixes, and there are chains so long they go off the screen!

It’s fun to create your own projects, but it can also be great to start with someone else’s project so you have to make everything yourself. Are there any Scratch projects you would like to remix?