Why we do what we do


I have been involved with OMGTech! since day one. I first heard of it through twitter and offered to help out at the launch event, and was hooked from the very first moment. 

OMGTech! started as an equaliser. We wanted to make sure that every kiwi kid has access to future technology. This is the fastest growing industry in the history of our planet, and in today's society, there is a large chunk of people who will just miss it completely. 

This isn't just a case of missing out on new toys.

We are already seeing a shift in the way we do things. I have to swipe in at the gym, I self-service at the supermarket, and perhaps, one day soon, I'm going to vote by logging in instead of using an orange marker. Even more important, maybe my doctor will be a robot, and my car will drive itself. All of these things are happening, whether we want it or not. We can debate the ethics all we want, but there is no stopping this train. The only question is, who was allowed on at the station. 

This year, the NZ Government announced additional funding and a new compulsory digital technologies curriculum. While it is an amazing start, we feel that the work that we do is more vitally important than ever before. At every single event, we see how much quicker kids that have pick up the new ideas vs the kids that have not. 

Please, help us provide these resources to more kids. Let us work together to make Aotearoa a country where there are no kids that have not and only a bunch of future tech giants that will take this country to greater heights than have ever been known before. 

Please donate today, a lot of our funding is tied up in specific projects, and often run short of what we need. We have some amazing partners, but we also need YOU. If you set up a regular gift to us, we will be able to plan our activities and programmes with much more certainty. It means we can sponsor more kids to come on our programmes, or pay for more resources and materials. 


While one-time gifts go a long way, supporting us with a regular gift is the best way you can help us keep going