Manu Tukutuku Coding Day

My name is Sina Lologa.  I live on Shifnal Drive, Randwick Park.  I saw this programme advertised on Manu Tukutuku's facebook page and I was really excited to see OMGtech!'s holiday program based on coding, robotics etc... being held in our local hood!  I had always wanted my children to attend one of these holiday programmes but could never really afford the cost of the programmes.... so I decided to come down and learn alongside my daughter so I could also help her out at home if needed.  

I really enjoyed the game "Compute it" as it gave me the opportunity of learning how to read each line of a code... it was fun - asking us those questions of ... if, and, else.... !  I also had to look at the brackets to ensure that I was following each line of instructions correctly.  I enjoyed the help from the awesome tutors who were so friendly and very patient!  It was also very cool talking with other children who were digital natives and just loved coding!  Plus it was a real positive seeing some of our Randwick Park children rubbing shoulders with other like minded students.

Thank you to everyone who were able to make this opportunity available for our Randwick Park community.