Robots and mind control... or just a bit of coding?

Are you a school in Aotearoa? Did you know that we have a new Digital technologies curriculum? From the beginning of 2018, the New Zealand Curriculum (and also Te Marautanga o Aotearoa) had a bit of a future injected in with a new Digital Technologies Curriculum. (In Te Marautanga o Aotearoa, it is called Hangarau Matihiko).

Here at OMGTech! we were super excited to see that we can help our nation’s kaiako teach digital technologies to all the tamariki and rangatahi, from the wee five year olds thru to NCEA. We were SO EXCITED that we went and got ourselves accredited with the Ministry of Education, so that we can do just that.

We were even more excited to hear that the Ministry have put aside a pot of money to make this happen. We understand that schools have so much stuff they have to get through, and that they might have already planned their PLD, and just don’t have the room to add in yet another subject.

Never fear! The Digital Technologies PLD is a completely separate process and does not affect any centralised PLD funding at all. The even better news is that it is an easier process to navigate as well.

It’s a simple one-page online form, you don’t need to think about a plan or even know who you are going to use before you fill it in.

We’ve written a few handy-dandy notes here.

It is in a Google Doc. Simply make a copy and you can consider the questions before you get to the real thing. You can share it with your colleagues, or share it back with us if you want an additional hand.

We can’t promise we know what the Ministry Panel will say, but we can make an educated guess.

Well, what are you waiting for?! The deadline is 28th June*! The clock is ticking!

* the deadline is for the next panel consideration, we haven’t been told yet when the next one after that is.