Thanks for visiting us at ULearn 2019!

If you want us to support you and your school further, we are fully accredited Ministry of Education PLD providers. I can help you through the process of getting hours through the Ministry of Education for Digital Technology specific PLD. This does not affect and is not affected by other centralised PLD funding your school might already have.

To kick things off, here is a helpful doc which shows you all the fields on the MoE application form. If you want to apply, please feel free to make a copy and share it back with me. I can help you through the process (you don’t even have to go with us!).

I’m also happy to talk to your principal (or whoever makes the decisions on PLD) if you think they don’t quite understand what it’s about. Just hit reply and let’s find a time.

The deadline for application in this round is the 30th of October 2019 and all schools are required to include digital technology in some form by 2020, so now is a great time to start exploring!