OMG Tech! was born out of the idea that all kids should have access to the technology that will shape our future.

 Kids get technology. Kids love to explore and play and invent and innovate. It is just part of being a kid, being curious and not knowing any boundaries to imagination. We live in a world now where technology is everywhere, and it is poised to enable us to make all those crazy dreams of hover boards, spray on shoes, robots and wearable technology all come true, finally!

However, the really really big ideas that will shape the future are in the heads of our kids and the technology that will enable them to make these dreams reality is still inaccessible to most.

We at OMG Tech! are all about enabling all kids to get access to that future technology today.  It is vitally important that there are no barriers for any kid in accessing any future technology.

Robots, nanobots, biotech, wearable tech, rockets, programming, mind control! OK perhaps not the mind control.  

Through a series of nationwide initiatives, starting with the Tech Rangers events, OMG Tech! plans to open up the world of future tech to every Kiwi kid.