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Programme Details:

Twenty young technology leaders will be selected from, primarily, decile 1 and 2 schools around NZ, based on criteria aimed at ensuring more young people in these communities take up 21st Century skills such as coding. The programme starts in April 2017 and they will complete the programme by April 2018.  The programme is focused on developing each of these individuals interested in a 21st century skill and helping them reach their potential with it.  The course also focuses on helping these youth flourish as community leaders.

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What is involved?

OMGTech!’s Youth Leadership program kicks off with a hands on interactive training and group process skills workshop through a weekend course held in Auckland in April.  This is then followed by 12 months of being paired with a mentor who is currently working in the science and technology sector. By becoming a mentor you will empower students to develop core leadership skills as well as learning with them about a tech field of their choice. You will help them outline their long-term aims for themselves and their communities and work with them to determine the steps they need to take to get there.  
OMGTech! will also provide the platform & resources for the leaders, as part of the programme, to set up a technology focused initiative within their local communities, such as at a library, Marae, school or community centre.  This will be a student led initiative that will feedback into the community the leadership and tech skills that the youth has gained during the programme.


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Qualities we look for in a mentor:

•    You are motivated to constantly learn and empower those around you to learn. 
•    You are a subject matter expert that can bring science to life by sharing industry-based examples of science/technology in relevant, real-world applications. 
•    You can show relevant leadership experience and are able to communicate effective leadership techniques with others. 
•    You can commit to participating for at least 1 hours per fortnight, every fortnight for 12 months ending April 2018 and a weekend workshop located in Auckland. 
•    You are good at taking basic guidelines and adapting them to your teaching style and the learning style of an individual student. 
•    You are a clear communicator, able to bridge the experiences of the students with the aims of the Youth Leadership Programme and the organisers. 

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Our mentoring application is extremely comprehensive to ensure the safety and success of our students and it is vital that all aspects of our process are honestly and diligently complied with. 

  1. Complete our online application (below) providing suitable references.  
    For any queries please email youthleadership@omgtech.co.nz
  2. Complete a Skype interview with the Youth Leadership Programme organisers
  3. Pass a background check.
    We will get in touch about a police vetting process (don't worry, i t's not that scary)

    You will then be matched with a student to mentor. Yay!

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