OMGTech! Rangers events combine a series of workshops focused on opening the world of future technology to Kiwi Kids.  In a one day workshop the kids experience Robotics; 3D Printing; Science; Engineering (UnMaking); and Coding.  Its hands on and designed by industry professionals to excite and inspire our kids into amazing new futures. 

The day consists of 5 workshops.  These are run by industry professionals in a volunteer capacity.  This gives our kids access to real people to inspire them in each of these fields.

For the low decile schools we work with these are provided free of charge, this includes transportation and food to remove all the barriers for these kids getting access to the opportunities that will shape their futures. 

We work closely with the teachers and principals of our schools.  At each event we train up the teachers enabling them to take the lessons back into their schools for all their children to take part in.

OMGTech Ranger events have been designed to be open source and the lessons are freely available to anyone who wants to run the workshops in their schools and communities. We use world leading open source software designed to get kids engaged with science and technology. 

These events are scalable and can be run with 10, 50, 500 or even 1000 kids at a time.  

After the evens the children, parents, and teachers involved are connected with future learning opportunities to take there newfound interest to the next level.

Over the next 3 years OMGTech will run an event series that will enable us to work with all primary and intermediate schools in NZ.