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Thank you to all the schools and thousands of kids who participated in the live stream. We hope you had fun a launched many rockets!!

For those who missed it here is the live stream recording, there is a bit of a wait at the beginning as we pressed record way too early. Fast forward to 01:20:00 on the playback for the action.

Schools Space Exploration Live Stream
Monday 21 May 2018 1pm - 3pm

OMGTech! is here to help you inspire and educate your class on the future of space!

Did you know that Aotearoa NZ has already successfully launched a rocket with satellites into space? That opens up a world of new possibilities for careers in the Space and Technology field for our children right here at home in Aotearoa NZ.

Join us via live stream for an engaging talk from NZ space industry leaders including Rocket Lab and SpaceBase.  Find out how they got to where they are and how your kids can get there too. After that you and your students will have the opportunity to participate in science activities by following along in the classroom.

We know that as a teacher you encourage your students to reach for the stars, well now they can! Space, technology and the digital age are shaping out to be hot topics and future careers in our country. Ensure your kids get a head start with this fun and informative session.

Register your class today below!
What: Schools Space Exploration Live Stream
When: 21st May 2018 from 1 - 3pm
Who: Suitable for ages 5 - 12 yrs old.
There will be two parts to the Live Stream.  
Part A
Time: 1 - 2pm
Activity: Space and Technology inspiring and educational talks.
What you will need: Access to the internet and playback facilities.
Part B
Time: 2 - 3pm
Activity: Space-related science rocketry experiments.
What you will need: Access to the internet and playback facilities. Plus a collection of house hold items.

Some household items will be required to participate in the rocketry experiments. you can request these from parents with the letter below.

There are three types of rockets you can construct. Feel free to pick one or more types of rocket to build and launch, depending on the materials you have available to you and the age of your students.

Once you have constructed your rocket, you will need to launch it and then record how far the rocket travelled. There are a number of ways to do this depending on what gear you have and there are a few other things you can record too. You can upload all your findings to the OMGTech! website and share your launch with every other school in NZ. Who can build the fastest rocket!?

Once you have registered you will receive an email with instructions on how to run the experiments in your classroom as well as a link to the live stream where you can follow along with them.  This link will also be accessible from here closer to the event.

Check out these awesome resources from Rocket Lab for Primary and Intermediate schools to create your own Humanity Star!

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