3D printing is reshaping the way we work and we need our kids to be familiar with these technologies before they enter the workforce. Our programme is designed to introduce parents, teachers and kids to the possibilities available with 3D design and printing.


What’s Taught?

Learning Outcome

  • Our kids develop awareness of objects in 3 dimensions – mentally generating, creating, rotating, and transforming.
  • Kids are able to create a design, then test, analyse and refine it. It’s a approach called iterative design.
  • Our young future inventors get a chance to make mistakes… and learn from them.
  • And of course it builds imagination, creativity, and independent thinking!


  • We use the easiest, fiercest 3D design tool around! Tinkercad is a free, easy-to-learn online app anyone can use to create and print 3D models.
  • No design experience is required. You don’t need to know CAD to make and 3D print awesome 3D models.
  • tinkercad.com
    • Place
    • Adjust
    • Combine
  • Group together a set of shapes to create models as detailed as you want.


  • Computers with speakers (and sometimes microphones and webcams).
  • Network connection: for connecting to Tinkercad.
  • Design notebooks (physical or digital): for documenting, sketching, and brainstorming ideas and plans
  • 3D Printers if you would like to print the designs.

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