Children have a conception of robotics that has been formed from imaginary robots in films, TV, children's story books and as toys.They are things of science fiction, but the real robots, and their characteristics, that have specific application in the real lives of people today.


What’s Taught?

Learning Outcome

  • We use a project-based task applied to a real-life problem where there’s a goal to be achieved.
  • We use robotics to highlight and explain concepts in maths, science and technology.
  • To learn by design, trial and experience.
  • Self-directed, challenge-based learning.
  • Appreciate the co-existence between science, technology and human kind.
  • Expand their social, intellectual and problem solving skills.


  • We use Tank Robots with Arduino brains. The kids code in the arduino system.
  • We call it an ‘Arduino-Compatible Swiss Army Knife’. With a motor driver, a bunch of sensors, and the guts of a full Arduino Nano integrated onboard.
  • The Dagu Tank is one hell of a grunty machine. With two motors powering two adjustable tracks it’ll climb walls, chew through terrain and make short work of hefty obstacles.


  • Computers.
  • Robots.
  • Gaffa tape for setting up the course.
  • Design notebooks (physical or digital): for documenting, sketching, and brainstorming ideas and plans.

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