We are, with the help of some talented students from AUT and Unitec and the support of Microsoft New Zealand, creating our own artificial intelligence called Grace. Grace is being created to support teachers all over NZ in their journey to embed Future Tech in the classroom.

Grace is available online 24/7 to answer any question about technology, STEM and the curriculum. At first Grace will know only a few things but you will be able to chat to her, and ask her questions. With every question asked Grace will go find the answer from an extensive online resource library and a team of leading educators and technologists and in doing so she learns so she knows how to reply next time. In time Grace will learn as much as she can about STEM so the answers to any teachers’ curly questions are easily answered, in a fun and friendly way.

Grace Hopper

Grace Hopper


The name Grace came from the inspiration of Grace Hopper, one of the first women computer scientists in the 1940’s. We thought she is an amazing role model and we hope our Grace can inspire many more women into technology.

If you want to help us train Grace we are looking for curious teachers and knowledgeable experts to help in the journey. please get in touch below..

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