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Calling all Hamilton Volunteers!

Volunteers are the heart of OMGTech! and we need as many of you as we can to help us in our next exciting event on the 17th of June...

This OMGTech! Rangers Event will be hosted by Te Kōpuku High. We're expecting up to 180 kids so we'll need 60-70 volunteers and we would LOVE it if you will come be one of them!!!

We need all types of volunteers both technical and general on the day and in the lead up to the event so if you can help we would love you to join the team!

To find out more about whats involved during the day as a volunteer, please visit our website here..


Step 1 - CONFIRM YOU CAN MAKE IT -See if you can make our next event on Saturday 17th June then RSVP on the link below.  The event will run from 8am - 5.30pm. You will be needed for the entire day.


Step 2 FILL OUT THE SIGN UP FORM - Once you confirm you are coming, you will be directed to a form to fill out confirming your details for the day. 


Step 3 - POLICE VETTING - At the end of the form you will be prompted to download a police vetting form. All our volunteers are required to go through the vetting process.  You need to download this form along with a copy  of your ID and send it back to as soon as possible. 


You can download this form here.


If you have already volunteered with us before and completed police vetting with us, you don't need to complete this form again, just make a note in the final question of the form. 

Step 4 - You will receive an email confirming your place and all the details of the event including when where you need to be a week before the event date.

Step 5 - When you turn up on the day you will be assigned a workshop to take part in - We try our best to match you up with your preference but where ever you end up we can assure you it will be FUN! You can learn more about what happens in each workshop here.

Step 6- You will be fully trained on the morning of the event in whatever area you are working on.  

The day is super fun and rewarding and we cant wait to share it with you!

If you have any special skills which you think could help us out with this event or more generally, please email me and let us know.

Look forward to meeting you all soon! To see more check us out on Twitter and Facebook below!


Event Coordinator 


027 344 3960