What's taught

Learning Outcome

  • We use a project-based task applied to a real-life problem where there’s a goal to be achieved.
  • We use robotics to highlight and explain concepts in maths, science and technology.
  • To learn by design, trial and experience.
  • Self-directed, challenge-based learning.
  • Appreciate the co-existence between science, technology and human kind.
  • Expand their social, intellectual and problem solving skills.



  • We use Tank Robots with Arduino brains. The kids code in the arduino system.
  • We call it an ‘Arduino-Compatible Swiss Army Knife’. With a motor driver, a bunch of sensors, and the guts of a full Arduino Nano integrated onboard.
  • The Dagu Tank is one hell of a grunty machine. With two motors powering two adjustable tracks it’ll climb walls, chew through terrain and make short work of hefty obstacles.


  • Computers.
  • Robots.
  • Gaffa tape for setting up the course.
  • Design notebooks (physical or digital): for documenting, sketching, and brainstorming ideas and plans.