OMGTech! Needs you!!!  We are looking for 30 outstanding awesome individuals to pair up with 30 of the awesomest kids you'll ever meet to help them on their technology journeys. 

This is 6 months of your life that you will never forget! 

Our mentor's role is to empower the students, help them outline their long-term aims for themselves and their communities and work with them to determine the steps they need to take to get there.  It is to share your passion for technology and help the rangatahi (youth) grow their own passion in technology.

Our youth are selected from around the country from underserved communities that otherwise would not have access to anyone in the technology sector.  They are passionate about technology and are looking at finding their place in it. They range from 14-18 years old.

Qualities we look for in a mentor:

•    You are motivated to constantly learn and empower those around you to learn.

•    You are a subject matter expert that can bring science to life by sharing industry-based examples of science/technology in relevant, real-world applications.

•    You can show relevant leadership experience and are able to communicate effective leadership techniques with others.

•    You can commit to participating for at least 1 hour per fortnight in a skype or call, every fortnight for 6 months starting April 2018 and a weekend workshop located in Auckland on 27th & 28th April 2018.

•    You are good at taking basic guidelines and adapting them to your teaching style and the learning style of an individual student.

Hear from some of the mentors of last year's programme

    How to Get involved

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