Zoe Timbrell

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The future is an exciting, terrifying place full of technological wonders. But while the media talks about the future of work, I truly believe that it is the future of life we need to be concerned about. Soon, technology will be at the heart of healthcare, democracy, elder care and much much more. We need to ensure those future technologies are created in Aotearoa NZ and represent our unique and incredible world views.

I believe that to create meaningful learning experiences we need to embrace all of a learner.  I focus on ensuring that all learning takes place acknowledging real world contexts and environment, as well as a hands on play based methodology, a ‘Tutu’ method of deep learning.

Ta te tamariki tana mahi wawahi tahā - It is the job of the children to smash the calabash

Zoe is a fully accredited PLD facilitator through the Ministry of Education.

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